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Aïcha is pronounced EYE-shah 🙂

How would life feel like
if you could fully express your true self?

  • Do you feel stuck, not knowing how to advance to the next stage in your life?

  • Do you feel like something is missing in your life and don’t know what it is?

  • Are you unhappy at your job but have no idea of what else you might do?

  • Do you have a dream that you are too afraid to try?

  • Do you feel out of touch with your creative energy?

  • Do you find it difficult to find your voice?

I can help you find the clarity you desire. I can help you build the skills that will propel you forward. I can help you find your life’s purpose.

When we become aware of our patterns, we learn to remap and move towards more resourceful ways of showing up.Imagine feeling confident about the choices you make, finding space for joy and creativity, and being able to have mutually satisfying relationships. Let’s get you to the next level!Does this resonate with you? If so, I can help, really!

For one-on-one coaching: drop me an email at hello@aichadoucoure.org to schedule a free, no-obligation 20-minute consultation to see if my approach is for you.

For some of us, it can be challenging to establish ourselves as the center of our own life. There are many demands on us from work, family, and friends.

We may naturally pay attention to what others think because that’s how we know how to relate. It can be challenging to say no and be heard. Speaking up feels pushy or too stressful and scary. We progressively become more frustrated, overextended, and bottled up. It can be challenging to say no and be heard. Speaking up feels pushy or too stressful and scary.

It can get to the point where we don’t know who we are and what we want. It’s hard to get over the feeling that we’ve lost our voice, wishing we could fully express our true selves, be creative, be accepted for who we are, and make a difference.

It’s hard to get over the feeling that we’ve lost our voice, wishing we could fully express our true selves, be creative, be accepted for who we are, and make a difference.

More than anything, we want to have deep supporting connections with others and be loved.I’ve turned my life around in the past four years. After 16 years in design-related jobs, I pivoted to a field where I can really help people be in touch with their true essence, their Genius inside. **I call Genius the force that makes you feel alive and vibrant. It gives you energy and the sense that you can make things happen.

I support people to become unstuck in their lives and move from simply surviving to thriving. Already, I’ve seen so many “a-ha!” moments, and it’s clear to me that coaching is my life’s purpose.

What people are saying

"I appreciated the opportunity to create space to experience the unfolding of both expressing and receiving empathic listening and reflecting. Through the space created, the time didn’t feel rushed or transactional to do, but rather deeply and meaningfully witnessing and being in connection.”
Diana O, Senior Legal Counsel in Tech

"You completely changed my views about how to use this tool to understand myself and reflect on decisions and behaviors in order to be the best version of myself! It was such a profound experience to go through this process with you!”
Marina T, Service Design Director + Innovation Strategist

"You held the space for the group so well and I feel like I’m learning so much from the way you helped to coach each of us”
Kris L, Executive Director at a Non-profit

5-week Journey of Insights & Discovery

I really believe in the work I do, that’s why I’m excited to offer a group Enneagram coaching experience. Through the sessions, I promise that you’ll grow and discover more about yourself, and you’ll witness growth in others too. Everyone can share their insights and discoveries which makes for a rich exchange of perspectives. It's a perfect environment to practice relating skills that will enhance your relationships.

What will you get out of this five-week group coaching?

  • You’ll learn your Enneagram type, subtype and several other indicators that make up your growth map

  • You’ll meet with me for a one-on-one coaching session to uncover insights from your Enneagram report

  • You’ll learn how to read and use your personal Enneagram report in your daily life

  • You’ll take home practice exercises that will help you integrate the learnings

  • You’ll exchange valuable insights and perspectives with other group members through guided conversations

What's the group like?

Each group will have its own flavor because each participant will bring their own authentic self. In designing the program, I've put a lot of attention into offering a safe and comfortable space for self-expression through a wide range of group activities and games.

Are you ready to do this?
Great! This program costs $660 and includes:

  • A 40-minute professional Enneagram iEQ9 test (this alone is worth $60!)

  • Your personalized 22-page Enneagram report

  • A 50-minute one-on-one coaching session with me to explore insights from the report (worth $200)

  • Five 90-minute weekly group coaching sessions

Let’s get the clarity you need to live a full life.

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What kind of coaching do I offer?

The three following coaching styles can give you clarity, peace, and empowerment in your own life.

  • Integral Coaching®: to help you find your true self, learn how to work with potent emotions, align you mind, body and heart centers, and learn to show up integrity with your internal compass. Integral Coaching® is a somatic based coaching.

  • Enneagram coaching: your map to your personal growth

  • Nonviolent Communication coaching: to learn to build and maintain harmonious relationship with yourself and with others.

Life feels richest, most joyous, and fulfilling when you can fully embody your humanity. You no longer try to fit in a box. You found your own way of being. You feel the ease that allows you to build and maintain strong healthy relationships.

1. Integral Coaching encompasses the latest in neuroscience, plus psychology and philosophy. The main idea is that personal development is a natural process. Just like trees, we don’t stop growing at maturity. We don’t expire at an age. There is always some growth happening. In the past, human societies had people who were there to support others at various stages of their lives. As an Integral Coach, I support you in being fully aligned to your true self internally as you grow. I help you learn to show up as full self in all the areas of your life by using your three centers of intelligence: the mind, the heart and the body. Integral coaching is practical: you deepen your strengths and learn key skills that you can apply daily.2. I also offer Enneagram coaching. Enneagram is an ancient complex transformational tool that has been modernized. It’s connected to positive psychology and the human potential philosophy. The symbol is a map of how to grow harmoniously and show up in ways that best serve our needs.Each one of us has a starting point, a number associated with an archetype, for example, 2 - The Helper. Our starting point corresponds to the basic personality archetype we adopted as a child as we made sense of the world.

Each archetype has strengths. It also has limitations because it focuses on a single strategy.
To grow means to widen our focus to adopt any archetype strategy that best serves us in any given situation. That's why learning from other archetypes is useful.

3. The third kind of coaching I offer is in Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Nonviolent Communication helps build essential skills to identify and honor your personal needs. It's a way of being that supports expressing your truth, having difficult conversations, building trust, and strengthening relationships with important people in your life.

About me

My name is Aïcha [pronounced EYE-Shah] Doucouré. My family is originally from Mali.
I was born and raised in France, and I’ve lived in the US for the past 20 years. I'm the mother of an 18-year-old young man now in college.
I'm into music, improv, dancing, and arts. I'm passionate about history, myths and learning all the ways that humans get together and relate.I've co-created a card-based transformational experience called Deep Dive.Here's my story
My grandmother was an orphan who didn’t have a chance to grow up in a nurturing, supportive environment despite being raised by the family. This painful upbringing has trickled down to my mom and then to me. For the longest time, I’ve lived with a sense of placelessness.
My learned tolerance for staying in unhealthy relationships didn’t help. Over time, I started developing recurring health issues that became debilitating.
I was very good at pretending like all was okay, even to myself. I almost didn’t make it out alive. And all along, I was trying hard to do my best.
I was looking for a way to deeply and authentically relate with people and feel safe. I didn’t realize that most of my thoughts were difficult internalized messages I grew up with. I was hesitant at simply being my whole self. I had self-esteem issues. I was trying to find answers outside of myself.

I was avoiding feeling sadness and anxiety by numbing out with endless activities.During my deep personal work, I finally saw what I had subconsciously spent my life avoiding feeling bad. I saw how the lack of clarity was the perfect ground for repeated toxic situations at work and in my relationships. Also, I saw my part in it.I relate to all the people trying their best despite the odds. Every day people are going “back to the grind” day in and day out. People are working hard to make everything work but somehow can’t seem to get out of a funk.I want to dedicate my life to supporting people who are tired of living unhealthy situations on repeat. I want to offer practical ways to learn to feel comfortable being authentic with themselves while building supportive relationships with people around them.

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